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561 Grand Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

(718) 789-2258

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Andrea Piper

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iLearnNYC Committee Members



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Rory Harper
iLearn Coordinator

Omri Duani
iLearn Coordinator


Our vision is to incorporate a form of a blended learning model in all classrooms and to engage students in their own academic pacing of their educations.


1) Create 4 pilot classes in four core content areas to increase the percentage of Core Curriculum classes using a blended learning model.

2) Create an academic intervention support program which accommodates 100% of our students to maker up credits by June 2013.


1a) Create a timeline for teachers to prepare and plan lessons that reflect a blended learning model.
1b) Schedule ongoing time when teachers can meet the IM and work to develop and discuss online components.
1c) Establish professional development opportunities for teachers to engage their students in a blended learning environment.
2a) Identify a coordinator to oversee the development and follow-through of the program.
2b) Establish a time-line for the program
2c) Provide PD for teachers who work with the academic intervention support program.