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Admin Console Improvements and Upgrades
Here are some great new additions to the Admin Console we use to create and manage our classes.

üSchool Leader Role may be Assigned for Admin rights to classes on other platforms
üNews Alerts Area Added
üAP Course Designation Checkbox
üTools Navigation Bar Changes: We added new tabs, and rearranged them
üDefault Staff Role is Teacher when creating enrollments
üImplementation Managers can now help with special Teacher enrollments

Admin Console December 2012 Upgrade.ppt
School Leader Assignment Notes December 2012.pdf
OUR PROMISE: The team of NYC DoE Developers, Designers and IT Professionals who manage and implement Product Development for iLearnNYC bring creative and adaptive ideas to improve the Admin Console tool every day. Our goal is to keep improving the way that our Schools and Users interact and work with the Admin Console tool. We will continue to ask, survey, and process feedback from our Schools and Users, and will proactively make changes, improvements, and redesigns implementing their ideas to make the Admin Console clear, easy, and rich in features that reflect how our Users use this important tool.