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Lab Cohort: Olympus Academy

School Address: 6565 Flatlands Avenue New York, NY 11236

Principal Name: Max Jean-Paul

Principal Email Address: mjeanpa@schools.nyc.gov

iLearnNYC Contact Name: Nancy Burgan

iLearnNYC Contact Email Address: nburgan@schools.nyc.gov

Assigned Implementation Manager: Britt Neuhaus

Implementation Manager Email Address: bneuhaus@schools.nyc.gov


By June 2013, we will build capacity in teachers to be facilitators in their classrooms, through the creation and use of customized and/or homegrown online content.


By June 2013, teachers will have developed online curricula for one course in each department, and have implemented a fully blended model in which teachers are facilitators in the classroom.


Starting January 2nd, teachers will meet each Wednesday for professional development and to work on their curricula.

By the end of cycle 2, on March 23, teachers will have begun implementing blended lessons in their classroom at least once a week.

By the start of cycle 3 (March 24), teachers will have one course that is fully blended on a daily basis.