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Seven iLearnNYC schools are selected as “Lab Schools”. These schools work directly with the iLearnNYC Design Partner, iNACOL, to identify promising practices, mitigate challenges, and develop and refine innovative instructional methodologies—blending the best of traditional instruction, digital tools, and staff proficiency levels. Communities of schools, based on common practice, i.e. specific types of schools and/or blended learning models, will be developed around each Lab school. iLearnNYC school leaders have the opportunity to select which Lab school community they join. Each team is lead by an expert iLearnNYC implementation manager. The lab schools and implementation managers host monthly cohort meetings aligned to the lab's goals and objectives. Cohort schools learn from the lab school's process and also share best practices regarding their own blended learning process. This online space is the hub of knowledge and sharing pertaining to innovative design strategies.

iLearnNYC is a blended and online program that cultivates visionary leadership, personalized data-driven instruction, and promotes school change through collaboration. iLearnNYC enables teachers to differentiate instruction by coupling online content with face-to-face instruction to allow for student control over time, place, path and space.


  • Develop and document effective and replicable blended learning models that leverage school-based knowledge and experience

  • Create a community of schools who can learn and share with one another to advance their blended learning strategies and models

Lab School Commitments:

  1. Host Open Houses for schools deciding upon a lab school group, following the Leadership Visioning Summit. These open houses will help schools rank which Lab school clusters they’d like to join.

  2. With the support of iNacol, our Design Partner, and the participation of your school community, create a vision and implementation plan to advance blended learning in your school. These plans will be shared with the broader iLearnNYC and NYC DOE community of schools.

  3. Co-lead monthly design meetings with principals in respective cluster, with the support of the Design Partner, assigned IM and iLearnNYC staff, from April – June.

  4. Co-lead monthly design and implementation meetings aligned to cluster needs from September 2012 – June 2013.

  5. Share the process of integrating blended learning, promising strategies and models, and lessons learned including educators, policy makers, press and funders.